Competition Winners
This section is where we display the results for the recent competition winners, each competition has its individual gallery.

Online Competition - Water - March 2017

Autumn Water by Alison Stace
1st Place (Autumn Water by Alison Stace)
No 11 Fits brief Sharp image. Good colour and contrast between the water and rocks. Shows movement in the water with pleasing diagonal flow from right to left

The river runs past by Bill Stace
2nd Place (The river runs past by Bill Stace)
No 9 Sharp pleasing black and white image with buildings positioned on the rule of thirds. Good sweep of the river showing the movement of the water flowing downstream.

Wild Sea by Alison Stace
3rd Place (Wild Sea by Alison Stace)
No 12 Dramatic depiction of a storm lashing the coast. Lighthouse well position in top left corner using the rule of thirds. Good shutter speed to capture the movement in the water as it burst against the sea wall.

A polarising filter may have helped produce more contrast between the water and the sky.
IMG 8854 Copy3
Highly commended (IMG_8854 by Unknown)

No 6 Interesting image of the fountain coming from the chimney pot . A pity the top of the fountain is not in the image and that the water has no definition. Perhaps levels could be used to improve this section. Also the green circles, red area and green plant on left draw the eye away from the image and could be cloned out.

Water under castle bridge by James Mason

5th. Place
No 4 Fits brief. Lovely colours. Bridge in the middle of image .Perhaps taking the sky down to the top of the building would alter the position of bridge or taking off a little from the bottom would enhance the image. The wall is too bright and the white areas in the water producing too much contrast.It also draws the eye away from the central point of focus, the bridge and water.

Another Place by Iain McCallum

6th Place
No 3 Interesting image but it says more about the person than the water. Too central and dominant Perhaps if taken further away and person placed on rule of thirds it would be more pleasing to the eye

Beach Rainbow by Iain McCallum

7th. Place
No 5 Rainbow and rocks main focus not water. Rocks sharp but the rest is not.

Falls by Chris Morris

8th Place
No 8 Fits brief but no movement in the water Possibly over sharpened or shutter speed not right for the subject.

Briney Sea by Chris Morris

9th Place
No 2 Fish the main subject No central point Good sharp image

Alpine lake by James Mason

10th Place
No 10. Good sweep of lake shore but no point of interest. White snow at end of shoreline could have been cloned out as draws the eye. A third of the sky could be removed which would enhance the image

What time is kick off by Bill Stace

11th Place
No 1 Fits brief A flat image . Would be improve with better light

IMG 8955

12th Place
No 7 Fits brief. Parts too dark so no definition. Needs better light.
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