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Working Man or Woman online Competition


Congratulations to Catherine Jones for winning the July competition, Working Man or Woman, with her lovely picture of a farrier, "New Shoes". Please see the competition winners page for more details and gallery.

Join us for a day out


Some of us are going to Hampton Court Castle gardens, Herefordshire, (Hope Under Dinmore), on 28th July. Lots of photographic opportunities in the gardens, and also on that day an American civil war reenactment camp. Contact us through the contact form if you would like to join us.

Chairman's Award


Sharon Thomas was presented with the chairman's award.

Photographer of the Year


The last meeting of the season saw the presentation of the trophy for the Photographer of the Year. This trophy is presented to the photographer with the highest culmulative score for the whole season's print competitions. This year's winner was Alison Stace. Congratulations Alison!

Annual Open Competition Winner


Congratulations to Bill Stace for coming first in the Annual Open Competition. Please see the competition winners page.

Ross Battle


Well done to Ross, it was a close competition with both Prints and DPI images being judged, ...more

In Tight Competition


Congratulations to Lynda Sharples for winning the In Tight competition with Steam, Please see the competition winners page.

Portrait competition


Congratulations to Alison Stace for winning the Portrait competition with Madam Vastra, Please see thee competition winners page.

contre Jour competition results


Congratulations to Bill stace for winning the "Contre Jour" Competiton with "Tintern Abbey" it was a very close completion with both of Tony Cutting's pictures coming second and 5 other members all coming 4th. Please go to the results page for more details and the Gallery.

Chairman's Notes


The season is over now but ...more

chairman's award


Tony Cutting was presented with the chairman's award ...more

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