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Ross Battle

Sadly out of two we came second with a total score of 296 against Ross’s 338.

Monmouth images scored as follows:

Printed Images

“Bouncing Along” Bill Stace 17
“Clam Closing” Tony Cutting 18
“Green Eyed Monster” Janet Cox 14
“Impressions of the Wye” Chris Morris 13
“I’m a Little Teapot” Alison Stace 13
“Lost” Chris Morris 18
“Ladybirds” Alison Stace 15
“Misty Tintern Morning” Iain McCallum 12
“Monmouth Old Boys” Iain McCallum 16
“Reflections” Bill Stace 15

Printed total 151 (Ross = 177)


“All That Glisters” Mike Roberts 17
“Battle Line” Jackie Poulter 12
“Durley Beck After Rain” Arthur Winch 13
“Fruit of the Yew” Alison Stace 13
“Hebridean Bath Time” Iain McCallum 15
“Noted Tails” Bill Stace 19
“She Sells Seashells” Iain McCallum 13
“Sparks and Water” Alison Stace 13
“Synchronised Sibling” Jackie Poulter 15
“View from the Roundhouse” Bill Stace 15

DPI total 145 (Ross = 161)

Final overall total 296

Overall it was an enjoyable evening and we all learnt a bit.

A date for the distant future; we will be hosting next year’s Battle with Friday 16th February 2018 being the agreed date.

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