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Chairman's Notes

There is a plan to arrange a few practical outings so, no doubt, will be in touch with dates and venues.
Hopefully with enough interest we can continue next year on some of the Fridays we are not in the hall.

Iain has completed the programme for next year and although there may be minor changes the competition themes can be relied on to remain as listed so there is plenty of time to capture your images. (please see the programme and diary page for more details)

Towards the end of the year there is an evening where members can present a series of 6 related images. A series being a set of images that tells a story or shows a link.
eg. Six random flowers would not be a series, but a flower from bulb to shoot to bunch to vase to wilting to compost heap, would be.
I’m sure you get the idea.

There aren't many rules for this competition as you can use mounts of any size, pictures of any size and any type of paper.
If you want to mount 6 on one board that is fine or if you do not wish to mount them, that is also fine.
In short the decision on presentation is yours.
On the evening you are welcome to spend a few minutes taking about your work before fellow club members select what they believe is the best submission.

Before the commencement of next year your Committee will be meeting to see if competitions can be made less ‘sterile’ maybe through entrants being given the chance to interact with the Judge or the points system being abandoned in favour of Ist, 2nd and 3rd positions. In any event we shall keep you informed of any changes.

Have a good break and I look forward to seeing you all when we resume on the 1st September


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