Programme & Diary

This is for all the diary dates for the club for competitions, weekly events and external events that members maybe interested in.
There is still some flex in the programme, please keep an eye on the web page and emails to keep you Updated.

Internal competition - titles and dates for the next season are:

• In Tight - 5th Jan 201
• Winter - 2nd Mar 2018
• 3 way Battle with Caldicot & Coleford - 18th Apr 2018 (wed night at Caldicot)
• six themed images on a board - 20th Apr 2018
• Annual Open - 18th May 2018

Please note that the intention is for these to be print only as the on-line DPI competition is running the through-year. (please see the completion page for more details)

Diary (Download Programme)

  • 5th Jan2018 - competition "In Tight" Judged by Nick Jenkins
  • 19th Jan 2018 - A Year in their lives a talk by Roy Car
  • 2nd Feb 2018 - Jlight room with John Burns
  • 16th Feb 2018 - Ross Battle Competition with Ross held at Monmouth Judged by Nick Jenkins (don't forget to submit your "winter" images
  • 2nd Mar 2018 - competition "Winter" Leigh Woolford (Cold Judged)

(please click on Highlighted names to take you to their web page for extra information about them)