Programme & Diary

This is for all the diary dates for the club for competitions, weekly events and external events that members may be interested in.
There is still some flex in the programme, please keep an eye on the web page and emails to keep you updated.

Diary MPC Programme 2018/2019
  • 7th Sep 18 Sleepy Robot
  • 21st Sep 18 1.Scrapbooking Your Memories - Sharon Thomas, 2.Monmouth Town Tour Review - Iain McCallum
  • 5th Oct 18 The Pananma Canal - Mike Roberts. (Submit Sports/Pastimes competition entries)
  • 19th Oct 18 Competition: Sports/Pastimes
  • 2nd Nov 18 Cardiff to bike! - Roy Carr
  • 16th Nov 18 Landscapes and Astrophotography - Alyn Wallace. (Submit Catching the Light competition entries)
  • 7th Dec 18 Competition:Catching the Light Judge: Bob Train.
  • 21st Dec 18 Christmas Social

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